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I was at my parents’ house when I opened up the envelope containing the January 2013 issue of KoreAm Journal this evening and this was my reaction:

I actually saw the back cover first and practically lost my sh*t upon seeing it was a LMH Camry ad. I was not entirely free to go full-fangirl (while the family is mostly used to my random, unusual [to them] interests by now, I would still have a hard time explaining why I was freaking out over a car ad) but it had to come out somehow so I excitedly paced from the dining room into the kitchen and back about 3 times, clutching the magazine still in its plastic bag, my face scrunched up partially out of sheer joy and partially out of utter frustration at not being able to vocalize what I was feeling (mostly because it probably would have been some sort of alarmingly shrill shrieking noise). Then I careful removed the magazine from its bag, looked lovingly at the cover for a few moments, and then immediately flipped to the article and got all verklempt yet again upon seeing the full page photos, especially the ones from Faith. In short: I want to sleep with this magazine tonight. XD

(Go here to read the article and order your own copy of this issue for less than $7 USD.)

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    OMO I am so green with jealousy now! I am asking my friend to send me a copy and she promised she will! :) I can’t wait.
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