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I tried watching 2009’s Koishite Akuma back when it was airing but I unceremoniously dropped it after a single episode— vampires are pretty meh to me at this point, Nakayama Yuma is too young (15 at the time) to be seriously attractive, and it’s just overall pretty cheesy. But this week I was shuffling dramas around on my external harddrives, ran across it, and for whatever reason decided to give it another shot.

It’s about a boy vampire who has to find his “destined woman” whose blood he will drink and then he’ll be a real vampire but he only seems to react to his teacher (played Kato Rosa who honestly doesn’t look that much older than the students) and blah blah blah this isn’t really important.

This time around though I’m finding it much more watchable and I think a lot of it is because: a.) I gave it more than one episode; b.) I’m not even trying to take it seriously; and, c.) I’m finding the fangs-as-erection conceit hilarious in a really juvenile way. I can’t wait for him to be called to the front of the class and have to hide his teeth with oh, say, a book or something.

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